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These days money matters to each and every one of us. It is a dream enabler and status signature. It provides and supports us. Everyone makes money and  spends it to enjoy now or save it to enjoy in the future. But many don’t realize the importance of managing money unless they get burnt by the reality of not having enough money when the emergency arises . Managing money is the key to one’s financial wellness. Certified Financial planners and advisors have been helping individuals for longtime to achieve their financial goals by educating and managing  their  money properly.  

In this tough economic times, even after few mishaps by some financial advisors, people strongly believe CFA’s and CFP’s are the TO GO people for advises on financial planning for the welfare of their financial future.  With the background, CFP has become an attractive and respective path in the past few decades or so. Apart from being a great career path, it also can infest you with wealth of knowledge if you don’t want to take that route.

The CFP certification program is governed by CFP Board of Ethics by implementing strict code and ethics to maintain the integrity of the CFP. It  acts as a scale to keep it all balance helping consumers to grade financial planners. All over US only 63,000 CFP’s are available to cater millions of wealthy American which is far less than the needed numbers. So demand for CFP’s is growing and many individuals are looking towards CFP has their future career path. 

In this website we plan to offer a common platform which connects individuals who like to share their CFP certification experience or who likes to know more about doing their certification or who just want to get a feel for it. Go ahead and check out different avenues listed below to connect, share and guide each other.

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